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Innovation driven industrial transformation of the internati

Update time  2020-12-10 09:52 Reading volume

At present, China is entering a period of adjustment of economic structure and mode of development depth, innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing development of the concept of the five, "made in China 2025, 4.0 industrial strategy to promote the implementation of the foundry industry development has brought new opportunity and vitality. >>>>> settled beauty cast integral mall activities open.

Xingyang Hongxin New Material Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Xingping Xing Steel Co., Ltd., Galway automation equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang and Xi'an lanhui Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and international casting industry - the United States cast the powerful combination of the mall, realize the complementary advantages of both resources, casting enterprise under the new normal economic, to innovation as the driving force promote industrial transformation and upgrading of the beneficial attempt, to improve casting enterprise value, for customers to provide a full range of products and services experience provides a positive demonstration effect.

U. S. cast mall force in promoting more casting enterprises with advanced means of the Internet, shorten the product development cycle, reduce the cost of developing new products, reduce the loss and waste, enhance casting the overall level of the industry and competitiveness in the international market.

Xingyang City Hongxin New Material Co., Ltd. is a mainly engaged in smelting and processing production and processing type enterprises. Company is located in Henan Province Xingyang, main business pearl sand, ceramsite sand and other products, in metallurgical mineral industry considerable strength and scale of enterprise.

Xingping Xing Steel Co., mainly engaged in steel ball, farm machinery repair, machining and other products.

Xi'an lanhui Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in a long history of the ancient city of Xi'an, domestic earlier professional engaged in high-frequency induction melting, heating, heat preservation, vacuum smelting, sintering, heat treatment equipment and electrolytic aluminum industry special equipment development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of high new technology enterprise.

Xi'an is currently the largest R & D, production and sales of integrated enterprise. Special equipment for series one with two parallel intermediate frequency furnace and medium frequency furnace and electrolytic aluminum industry sold around the world, has provided key equipment for China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Chongqing Heavy Truck Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Henan Shenhuo Group, Anyang iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and steel metallurgy, Wuhan Lanzhou aluminum industry, Hunan, western new Hongyu Guangxi Yinhai, Guangxi wood, Baise, Chongqing, Hubei, Xinjiang Sanhuan group construction and the public, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia Jiarun's Datang Group, Hubei machinery group to many domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, the equipment is also exported to Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran, Kazakhstan, Congo Brazil and some other countries.

November 2000 if the power to obtain the national key new product certificate. In 2004 the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. For many years to get Xi'an City, "the contract and keeping promises," the glorious title.

Zhejiang Wuyi Galway automation equipment Co., Ltd. supply automatic six station wax injection machine, casting manipulator and other types of products, high-quality products is a real become necessary for each casting plant equipment.

International casting industry.

International casting industry, the United States cast mall, also known as the United States cast network, known as the industry's foundry industry Jingdong". 2010 formally put into independent operators, committed to casting materials, cast the procurement of equipment and castings, electronic and Internet, high-quality, low-priced, one-stop, credit support to help buyers reduce business costs, improve efficiency, increase the profit space.

February 1, 2016, the new version of the line, launched the enterprise shops, the use of real name authentication and business information to fully disclose the mechanism.

At present, the application in enterprises has exceeded 500, covering materials, casting, casting equipment on the upstream and downstream enterprises, automatic formation of a professional casting ecosystem, to facilitate the purchase channel for buyers at the same time, also added a 0 cost of marketing channels for enterprises to achieve a true sense of transformation and upgrading Internet plus casting.

According to relevant data shows, mall settled more than 120 enterprises, casting materials enterprises have Shandong Kaitai metal abrasive, Zibo TAA metal technology, Sanmenxia sunshine cast material, Changxing Building Refractory Material Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu sainty high carbon material and Zhengzhou Dayu chemical and other 30 well-known industry and enterprise characteristic, pig iron casting, chrome ore, steel shot, paint, zirconium powder, carburizing agent, liquid steel refining agent, ceramic gate tube, pearl sand nearly 100 more than 400 products.

Foundry equipment enterprises Xinan casting machine, Shandong Kaitai shot blasting machine, Changzhou Savelli, exone, Nanjing, Soochow analyzer, Qingdao day cast green, Shanghai into Sen and Xi'an Boda, Haixiang, Hengyuan etc. 50 covers modeling, shot blasting, electric furnace, 3D printing, spectrometer, electric welding machine, sand and dust and other more than 30 kinds of more than 300 products.

Foundry enterprise has Portland stone casting and forging, CITIC Heavy machinery, Qinchuan machine tool casting, Hebei Chunfeng foundry, Shaanxi Zhongxing casting and forging, Shaanxi and, Hancheng Liushun, Xi'an Sirui new materials, Xi'an vehicle factory industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. casting and forging, Xi'an Rongbao, Xintai precision, Shanghai, Gu ang, Nan Xin long grained titanium and Jiangsu Hua Yu etc. more than 40, covering the fields of automobiles, machine tools, high voltage equipment, rail transportation and wind power and other nearly 400 products.

The cast Internet plus casting mall, facing the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, in the face of asymmetric information exchange products in the industry, break through the barriers, to subvert the traditional foundry industry for the first time, the field of traditional manufacturing related non-standard products, in the form of price tags to spread across the industry, effectively promote the casting products