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Patented technology to mitigate the pungent smell of coated

Update time  2020-12-10 09:52 Reading volume

Coated sand to reduce the plant smoke and waste gas emissions R & D personnel claimed that the large-scale production of high-tech patented technology coated sand show that the level of free phenol decreased, located under the test restrictions. >>>>> settled beauty cast integral mall activities open.

Global sand and sand products leading supplier FAIRMOUNTSANTROL, headquartered in Chester, Ohio, USA. The company introduced a new high-tech patented technology coated sand, and said the sand after processing "greatly reduced the factory smoke, odor emissions, and showed a superior performance." This material will help the foundry to reduce the harmful air pollutants 41%; free phenol level 62%; free formaldehyde decreased by 35%.

For air pollutants, odor and smoke, the developer pointed out that the sand products will reduce emissions, reduce smoke, the use of Neozien?

Patented technology to ease the pungent odor.

Phil Monte report pointed out, TechniSandTruCoat will improve the foundry productivity, because the resin coating technology to improve the quality of castings, uniform hardening, casting defects less. With this material to do the mold and core to support a higher melting point, so as to improve the mobility and processing of metal. In addition, the thermal conductivity of this kind of sand shortens the cycle time and the hardening time.

R & D personnel to further say that this new sand provides the opportunity to thin-walled castings, thereby reducing the use of sand and resin, so that waste minimization.

In terms of productivity, R & D personnel said high-tech patent technology of coated sand will decrease lamination and shelling; increase the strength of sand core "to reduce the breakage, reduce the loss on ignition" which reduce the gas related defects.