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Intelligence has become the main trend of the construction m

Update time  2020-12-10 09:51 Reading volume

With highlights of the industrial restructuring and upgrading demand release, productivity costs rising, the price of industrial robots and the technological progress near the inflection point of, accept degree increasing, industrial robots in many fields had formed the tendency to replace the artificial, and in engineering machinery industry, this trend may also apply and intelligent has become the construction machinery industry, the main direction of development, and development of the level of intelligence level of the engineering machinery in our country has a crucial role. And engineering machinery in the face of market economy, participate in global competition, advanced manufacturing technology and high-end products have become the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Enterprises to win the market is bound to be separated from the smart manufacturing

Today, Yuchai casting center has become one of Yuchai automation, intelligent level of the highest production lines, production of products covering micro, light, medium and heavy duty engine, from vermicular cast iron to other metal material products have relates to. After the completion of the casting casting center, has become an important driving force to promote the foreign cooperation, Yuchai to accelerate new product development.

This year, Yuchai developed the first domestic level Chinese opposed engine, this engine compact structure, parts of precision. And Yuchai introduced to the market at present domestic displacement and power of the biggest electric monomer pump high speed ship diesel engine YC8CL. These are is by Yuchai's own casting manufacturing level to enhance.

Yuchai acceptance of the project involves the "60 million units / year heavy duty engine digital cylinder head casting workshop" of cylinder head casting is more significant. This system to promote the casting automation, intelligent, clean, is conducive to promoting the foundry industry, energy saving and environmental protection and sustainable development, to solve the problem of casting their own pollution. Cylinder head is the key parts of the automobile, shipbuilding, power equipment, such as industrial engines, brings together the common problem of the production of complicated casting, cylinder head manufacture level represents the casting technology level of the industry, is one of an important sign to measure a country level of casting.

Along with the advance of Yuchai in 2015 bear another national intelligent demonstration projects, Yuchai in foundry industry will further, so as to enhance the enterprise manufacturing level, for customers to create more value.

Integration of construction machinery and UAV to create new market opportunities

April 25th -27, the eighth Shanghai international solid waste, clean special equipment and technology exhibition and 2016 Shanghai garden machinery equipment and technology exhibition held in Shanghai exhibition center. Exhibition attracted many professionals in the field of outstanding exhibitors, Shantui manufacturing of the unmanned driving bulldozers DE17R sanitation landing this exhibition by relevant government departments and professionals in the industry's strong concern.

DE17R created a precedent for the domestic bulldozer unmanned era, wireless remote control reliable distance of 1000 meters, remote control response fast and stable, and is Shantui sanitation products for customer tailored development. In the course of cooperation for many years, Shantui understand customer of UAV needs, especially in the harsh environment of waste disposal to the requirement of sanitation equipment, intelligent, began to lift the whole company force into the intelligent bulldozer research, development and testing, and ultimately successful got customers a high degree of recognition. Bulldozer DE17R in addition to qualified for all kinds of bad waste disposal environmental outside, still building demolition, rescue, explosion prevention, rescue and military high-risk operations with ease.